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VP 17: Learning Goals

This week’s question was ‘What is one goal you have set for yourself this term and how are you going with it?’

Here is what the kids had to say:

Learning Goals

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Vox Pop 16: Rubbish Free Lunches

Each Tuesday and Thursday we all have to bring rubbish free lunches to help reduce the amount of rubbish left in the school yard. Here is what the kids have to say about them:

Rubbish Free Lunches

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VP 15 The Best Thing

Here we are with Friday Vox Pop for Term 3! We’re two weeks into Term 3 already, believe it  or not. I have no idea where those holidays went, but if someone could find me a few more then that would be greatly appreciated!

This week’s Vox Pop question was ‘What is the best thing about being back at school for Term 3?’ Have a listen to what the kids AND the staff had to say about this!

VP 15: The Best Thing

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Back on Board

After a bit of a break, Friday Vox Pop has been updated and will get into full swing again at the start of next Term (which is a couple of weeks away).

Here are links to the episodes that have been updated:

VP 11: Skills For the Future

VP 12: Favourite Subjects

VP 13: Learning Another Language

VP 14: Travel and Career Plans

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VP 9: Principal For A Day

This week’s question was “If you were Principal for a day what would you do to help improve the way students learn?” I thought this might be a tough question and that I’d need to rephrase it, so it did change slightly when I was actually recording the episode. It became “If you were Principal for a day what would you change to make school a better place to learn?”

The kids had some really good suggestions. Click on the player below to hear what they were!

FVP 9 Principal for a Day

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VP 8: Good Students

Ah I’m a bit behind with the old Friday Vox Pop – not to worry, here we are now. Vox Pop 8′s question was ‘What makes a good student?’ The kids had some interesting answers. I think next time I talk to them about this I’ll ask what makes a good learner, as opposed to a student. What do you think the difference between and learner and a student is?

Click on the player and have a listen to what the kids at Hawkesdale think makes a good student:

FVP 8 Good Students

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Looking for other Vox Poppers!

If you are interested in being part of Friday Vox Pop, then we’d love to have you on board. All you need to do is:

1. Check the Questions page for what next week’s question is. You can join in next week’s or the weeks after, or the week after that! You can join in how ever many times you like and whenever you like.

2. Make sure you have a voice recorder. If you have a portable one that makes it really easy for getting out and about in the school yard. If not, just choose a time in class when you can get students to come up to a computer that has a microphone attached.

3. Create an mp3 file of student answers that goes for no longer than 3 minutes.

4. Send the file to me and I’ll put it together with my students’ answers. To send the file you can use You Send It or senduit  or you can email it to me if it’s not too big: jess AT technolote DOT com.

Looking forward to it!

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Getting Back into the Swing…

The last few episodes didn’t make it into public until today due to ridiculously busy weeks leading up to the end of term. Each episode was actually recorded on each Friday but I didn’t get to the editing and publishing stage until just now! So, that is why there is a major gap in the dates for FVP episodes.

Also, as you can see, I have chosen a new theme for Friday Vox Pop. What do you think of it?

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VP 7: Classroom Activities

Talk about a tough audience – trying voxpopping students on the last day of term. The last thing they want to think about is what the best classroom activity the did was and why is was good. But, I got some responses…

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VP 6: Dropping Rubbish

We have a bit of a problem at our school with too much rubbish being left in the yard, so I asked the students whether it was ok to leave their rubbish lying around. Not all of them said no…

To listen to this episode you can:

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